Chronic Stress (Part 1)- The Message

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What is your Stress?

Humans have stress.  Simple, right?  Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as you think.  There are thousands of stressors everyday that could possibly happen.  Some people worry about what could happen rather than what is happening.

Maybe your stress is a current situation like work, your health, your family, or money.  But these stressors continue for a long time and can cause Chronic Stress. 

Stress can also be caused by being stressed for a long time.  Yes, stress can compound on itself if the person doesn’t know how to deal with it.  And the Physical and Mental problems associated with long term stress are astounding and a little freightening. 

Work Frog
Several polls are taken year after year about stress in general.  In America, according to and, the top stressors are:

  • Health
  • Time Management
  • Job
  • Money
  • Relationships



Some of these problems have easy solutions, others are just a matter of finding something to relieve your stress.


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