Water Fruit

Not everyone is a fan of vegetables, so a lot of people will not get their water through leafy greens.  Instead, most people like sweetness in their life, and turn to fruit instead. 

What are the fruits with the most water?  Take a minute to make a list of the fruits YOU think have the most water.  Then look at the list below and see if you were right.

Personal Note: If you’re not into vegetables, but you haven’t tried some of these fruits, I highly recommend them.  I’m not a fan of a lot of vegetables myself.

It should be mentioned that there’s a big controversy about a fruit vs a vegetable.  Some ‘vegetables’ are actually fruits.  Here’s an easy way to tell: if there are seeds on fruit, whether inside or outside, then it’s a fruit.  Foods like cucumbers are technically melons, but they’re great in salads, so everyone assumes they’re vegetables. 



Fruit cucumber

  • 96.7% Water
  • Contains Vitamin C / Caffeic Acid (helps with soothing skin irritation)
  • Is considering a very ‘cooling’ food- made into soups and smoothies for hot days
  • Helpful in loosing weight



Tomato (including Cherry and Grape Tomoatoes)

Fruit tomato



Green Pepper

Fruit Green pepper

  • 93.9% Water
  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Source of Vitamin C, B6, and Folic Acid




Fruit Watermelon 2

  • 91.5% Water
  • Contains Lycopene (fights breast cancer)
  • Source of Vitamin A, B6, and C




Fruit Strawberry

  • 91.0% Water
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Also Contains Folate (helps maintain low-blood sugar)



Wine Frog

How did you do on guessing your water fruits?  Comment below what other fruits were on your original list.  For more information on these fruits and others, check out the link below.





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