Tai Chi

Personal Note: I’ve had a few people ask if there’s anything easier they can do, that doesn’t require “turning themselves into a pretzel.”  There is a calmer form of Martial Arts called “Tai Chi.”

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi of Health Institute explains Tai Chi as form of movement involving the energy in the world around us and within ourselves.  It can be translated per individual as a meditation, a slower form of martial arts, or just as a stress reducer.  There are also health benefits, such as:

  • Generation of Internal Energy
  • Meditation / Tranquility
  • Exercise for Soul, Body, and Mind
  • Improved Agility and Balance
  • Improved Muscle Strength
  • Circulation and Immunity Boost
  • Increased Quality of Life

No religion is associated with it and anyone can do it.  Even children and people with disabilities can perform certain movements.  All that matters is what Tai Chi can do for you.
More than Medication has an introductory video to Tai chi. Check it out:


Tai Chi is originally chinese, so some of the names do sound odd.  But once you do the movements, the name makes sense.  So, if you have some spare time today, try some Tai Chi.


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