Knee Problems part 2: Treatment

Personal Note: Three days have passed since my treatment for my right-kneed bursitis began and, so far, the pain has lessened to a point where it’s manageable.  My symptoms, over the past few days have included:

  • Pain while standing on right leg, especially for longer than 15 minutes at a time
  • Spasms in shin and/or quad attachments in knee while turning around corners
  • Kneecap clicking if I have elevated the knee too long
  • Unbalanced Gait (almost took a header to the floor last night because I walked for too long)
  • Overall, stiffness in knee



For the first week of treatment, I am to do the normal RICE treatment:

  1. Rest-reduce work activities as possible
  2. Ice- once every couple hours, only for 15 minutes at a time
  3. Compression- Get a compression sleeve and wear it if I have to work or I’m going to be doing a lot of activites
  4. Elevate my leg as possible (I have to be creative at my other workplace)

I also have to take 1 anti-inflammatory 3x / day for 3-5 days, and do knee exercises once the knee isn’t as swollen.

Then, if the bursitis not better in 4 weeks- I am to call my doctor to get a referral to an orthopedic specialist.  This includes physical therapy. 

Knee Exercises

I am unable to do knee exercises right now, as I need to wait for my kneecap to emerge from the swelling before I can attempt them.  However, AskDoctorJoe has a video that shows most of the exercises that are on my exercise packet.  Take a look:


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