Father’s Steak Supreme

Personal Note: Apparently, Steak and potatoes is the man’s main choice for Father’s Day Dinner.  I have asked several men and they all say “steak and potatoes.  No veggies. Give us meat.” Now, I’m not a cook at all, so I started looking up Steak recipes…I clearly know nothing.

It seems like there are so many steak cuts out there!  How do you choose what steak to use for a Father’s Day dinner?  That depends on how healthy you want the cut to be.
Steak cuts depend on what part of the cow the meat was taken from.  Remember that price is also a factor in your choice.

Steak and Potatoes


Steak Cuts and their Specs

According to LiveStrong, Steak cuts have large amounts of Protein, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin B-12.  All are essential for helping the body’s muscle, blood, and Immune system stay strong.  What most people worry about is the fat content and the calories included.  Bodybuilding.com and Leonsrestaurant.com have lists of specific cuts to look for when shopping.


Healthy Steaks

Steak healthy

Top Sirloin: High Protein to Low Fat factor.  Fat content is 10.6 grams.  Because of the low marbling, a standard cut is 316 Calories. The Saturated Fat content (fats that won’t dissolve properly in the body and can cause high cholesterol) is 4 grams.

Personal Note: The recommended daily consumption of saturated fat is 13 grams.  So, eating 4 grams isn’t bad at all!

Best way to cook: Only to Medium Rare on high heat.  Anything more and it will be very tough to eat.


Eye of Round: Very High Protein to Low Fat factor.  Fat content is 7 grams. Due to very low marbling, the Calories are 276. Saturated Fat content is 2.4 grams. (Good for people with heart conditions.)

Best Way to Cook: Marinate it to soften the meat before putting it on heat. Or you can use it in roasts.


Sirloin-Tip Side Steak:  Another very High Protein to Low Fat factor.  Fat content is 5.4 grams.  There is no marbling on this cut, so there’s only 206 calories included.  Saturated Fat content is only 2 grams, also due to the low marbling.

Best Way to Cook: Opinions are different on this one.  Leaving the fat on during a slow cooking process, then taking it off after cooking seems to be the most popular way.


UnHealthy Steaks

Steak rib eye

Serious eats loves steak.  They have their own list of the tastiest steaks.  Unfortunately, the tastiest isn’t always the healthiest.   Reddit has a short list of the protein ratio for these cuts.


Rib-Eye: Protein and Fat content match at about 37.6 grams.  This can also depend on how much Fat is cut away before and after cooking.  Calories count is high at 466.
Furthermore, Saturated Fat content is at 15 grams.  This isn’t a recommended steak for those with heart problems.

Best Way to Cook: This top of the line steak can be cooked in a number of different ways, including grilled, pan seared, and broiled.  Take your pick!


Tenderloin: Protein is lower than Fat content, which is 16 grams.  The Calorie count is 348.  Saturated Fat content is 6 grams. 

Best Way to Cook: Pan Fry with spices and oils to help out the dryness that comes with cooking this cut.  Tenderloins heat very quickly due to the low fat factor.


T-Bone:  Also very low Protein to Fat content at 16.4 grams. Calories are 346.
Saturated Fat content is 6.6 grams.

Best Way to Cook:  Grilling the T-bone portion a little further away from the heat source is the best advice because of the low fat content. 

Personal Note: T-Bone and Tenderloin seem to be on the medium healthiness scale.  They seem like good choices except for the low protein counts and the cost of them. 


Steak and Potatoes2
Ribeye Steak and Rosemary Potatoes Recipe
As far as recipes go, this is very short, because of the Ribeye steak.  As mentioned above, it’s one of the easiest steaks to cook: 


The Potatoes are actually fairly healthy here; most of the flavor is in the spices. 

To make this meal a little healthier, switch out the Ribeye for a Top Sirloin.  More protein and less fat is involved.  Just remember that medium rare is this cut’s happy place. 
Also, pan frying the steak is healthier than grilling due to carocingens.  This is caused by chemicals that latch onto grilled food after the juices have leaked onto the coals below.


Personal Note: All men love their own cuts and most aren’t going to care what anyone says about the specifics of their meat.  If the man in your life wants a Ribeye for Father’s Day, use your own discretion. 

Happy Father’s Day!


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