No Splashing in the Pool

Client Question:

“Would Water Aerobics be beneficial for me?”

Personal Note: This is a question that Senior citizens ask me frequently.  I believe the pros outweight any cons for water aerobics.  Let’s take a look.


Water Aerobics

“What are Water Aerobics?”

Water Aerobics are a form of resistance training that anyone, who can safely get in the water, can perform.  It’s literally an aerobics class in the water that causes less tension on the joints. 

Personal Note: Clients of mine have said it’s one of the most fun exercises they’ve done in years.  Especially with a class!

The YMCA is a local Rochester, NY gym that teaches water aerobics.  They come highly recommended. 


Water kid

Pros for Water Aerobics

  • Classes take place in different levels of water.  (The ones I’ve seen take place mostly in the shallows though.)
  • No one is pushed to do more than they can physically do at that point in time.  Everyone is allowed to pace themselves.
  • Joint injuries in the lower body will be less aggravated in the water. After Hip and Knee replacements have mostly healed, water aerobics will take some of the weight off those joints.  Arthritis is also another ailment that can be eased in the water.
  • Resistance training is always available in the water, because the liquid will push back against the body during the training.
  • Stretching is also done during these classes.
  • You do not need to be able to swim to do water aerobics.  Pool Noodles are a common tool used during the exercises.  So, it’s easy to float if you lose balance.
  • Weights are sometimes used to build upper body strength.
  • People who are trying to lose weight, Seniors, and Pregnant Women have been known to have less pain while exercising in the pool.


Water feet

Cons of Water Aerobics has a list of pros and cons.  This list states that:

  • Low Impact Exercises cannot help build stronger bones or lean muscle mass in the lower body.  Astronauts experience this because of the low gravity.  They need to exercise frequently, so they can remain strong for their return to our gravity induced world.  The effect is similar in water.
  • Cleaning chemicals in the public pools have been known to irritate people’s skin and eyes.  However, anyone who swims in a pool knows about this problem, so most people aren’t surprised.
  • The Calorie Burn is much less than High Impact Exercises.  Water exercise can be helpful to start out with those who are obese.  However, it’s recommended that they move out of the water once their body gets used to the idea of cardio workouts. 


Think Water Aerobics seem boring?  Take a look at a new craze!


Always remember to be safe.  Make sure a lifeguard is present before you get in a public pool and follow all pool rules. 

Have fun!


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