Fishing Hazards

National Fishing and Boating Week is still in full swing.  Many people are showing off their catches and what they’re doing during the wait time.

Personal Note: I have a good friend of mine who caught a Blue Catfish!  Wow!

Used with Permission from David Kalvitis

However, people sometimes get muscle and joint injuries from fishing and boating especially, in the back, shoulders, arms, and wrists.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and pulled Rotator Cuffs are incredibly common.

Personal Note: A client came in once with locked forearms.  They had caught a large fish and fought with it for an hour before they finally brought it onboard.  However, the tendons in their forearms and elbows were so tense, that they couldn’t move their wrists or fingers without a lot of pain.  We were able to stretch out their forearms so the client could move again, but they’re very careful about how they fish now. 

Fishing gear

“What can I do to prevent injury?”

Strengthening your muscles before you go fishing might be a good idea.  David Evans of has a few strengthening exercises that seem like they could help:


Stretch while you wait.  Every one should stretch before and after they catch a fish, especially if you’re expecting to catch a large animal.

Shoulder Stretch to help your triceps and between your shoulder blades


Bring your hand down to your side, then stretch your neck off to the side, then tilt your chin down
To help your outer shoulder muscles and the sides of your torso, stretch your sides with your arms in the air
Do a Wrist Stretch to prevent a lockup in your forearms 
Do a Doorframe Stretch to stretch out your pecs and the front of your shoulders.


Use a Fishing Harness when on rough waters or when catching large fish. It will save your back, shoulders, and can also keep you and the rod in the boat. 

Stay Hydrated!  No matter what, your body needs water to keep going.  Keep water nearby, especially if it’s a hot day. 



Chiropractors and Massage Therapists can help with pulled and cramped muscles.  But, if an injury is causing you extreme pain, see your Primary Doctor first.  


Fishing boy

Stay safe on the water and Happy Fishing!


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