June Wedding

Personal Note: I was a Maid of Honor for my Best Friend’s wedding a few years ago.  I was staying with her, and I could see the stress of the upcoming event was taking its toll.  The night before the big day, she could not get to sleep.  Between the dress, the decorations, the ceremony itself, and the move into her new home, she was completely stressed out.  Finally, she came out and asked me, “could a Massage help me get to sleep?”

                                            Courtesy of Rylee Winder Photography

June is a huge month for weddings and this is the point in time when both the groom and bride (especially the bride) is worrying about every detail, including weather.  Massage is almost never thought about during this time.  However, it’s important to calm the couple down to help clear their minds and relax for an hour or so.  That hour should really be part of every wedding planner’s schedule for the bride and groom. 


Bride massage

“Can Massage really help a bride or groom?”

Absolutely.  During the final month, Massage can:

  • Promote Relaxation
  • Decrease contained tension in the muscles.  Many couples can hold in a lot of tension “just to get stuff done.”  Later on, this can lead to a blow up. 
  • Improve posture.  Proper posture during the wedding and photoshoots can help improve image and inspire confidence.  Also, it allows for less tension and improper posture pain.  
  • Help injuries, new and old.  Moving tables, driving everywhere, and making decorations can make the body tired.  Injuries such as pulled muscles, and cramps can occur (though it doesn’t happen often).  What happens, more often than not, is older injuries get aggravated.  Massage can help decrease the pain and soreness associated with this. 
  • Allow a limber up period.  Muscles and tendons that don’t usually get stretched can be loosened up and extended out to allow for improved movement.  Personal Note: Brides that have dresses that are hard to move in will appreciate the stretching, especially after the wedding. 
  • Decrease Insomnia.  Sometimes the couple can go for weeks with little rest.  It’s recommended to get a massage the day before the wedding to try and calm the body down enough to sleep. 


Bride and Groom rings

Personal Note: If you have a wedding coming up (or know someone who is having one), I highly recommend Massage.  Massage Therapists are sometimes a little more flexible with their schedules to help Brides and Grooms before and after the wedding. 

I’ve gone to a hotel on a weekend to do a massage on a bride before.  It’s more important that the event goes smoothly and the individuals involved are happy. 


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