National Wine Day

Wine can be described as “savory,” “smooth,” “dry,” “sweet,” and “fruity.”  It’s well known for being an added edition to a relaxing evening.  But is wine good for you?

Types of Wine

According to, there are five different types of wine:

Red Wine: “Made with Black Grapes, that range in color and sweetness.”

White Wine: “Made from de-skinned Green and sometime black grapes.  Also can range in dryness and taste depending on the grapes and mixture used.”

Rose Wine: “Made from de-skinned grapes, then colored to preference.  Can also be made by mixing Red and White Wine.”

Sparkling Wine: “Bubbles caused by this style are due to a secondary fermentation.”

Fortified Wine: “A Dessert Wine that forifies Wine with spirits.”  (According to wikipedia:  Fortified Wine simply has distilled spirits added to it, usually brandy.  A small list of these wines is included on the article.)


“Is wine good for us?”


Wine Red

According to, different Red Wines can:

  • Help prevent Cancer
  • Decrease blood clots
  • Improve blood flow and sugar
  • Contain a large amounts of Antioxidants

However, these benefits depend on the type of grapes used and the process in which they were made.  Look for red wines that were processed in humid, but sunny climates.  Also, if the color of the wine is darker, that means that more antioxidants are present.  


Wine White also covered White wines benefits, which are:

  • High Antioxidant content (not as high as Red Wine, due to the skin of the grapes being removed)
  • Lowered Risk of Cancer (about the same as Red Wine)
  • Reduced Hangovers

Watch your intake, as White Wine contains more calories than Red Wine.  Most of the benefits of White Wine are lower than Red Wine, but it’s still considered a Healthy Drink.


Wine Rose says that Rose Wine has similar benefits to both White and Red Wine.  Although, contrary to both Red and White, there are more antioxidants in Rose Wine if it’s fresh.  Don’t ferment your Rose Wines!


Wine Sparkling did an article on the surprising benefits of champagne, aka Sparkling wine.  New Studies have shown that Champagne can:

  • Improve your Memory
  • Contain high levels of Antioxidants (which isn’t a surprise as Champagne is made from the same grapes as Red Wine.  They’ve just gone into a second fermenting process.)
  • Supposedly improve skin health
  • Contain fewer calories than table wine



Wine Port

Fortified Wines have the same health benefits as Red and White Wine…until you add the spirit of choice.  Depending on the alcohol, the drink benefits can change quickly. 


Wine Frog

So grab you glass of choice and relax on National Wine Day!

Personal note: Please drink responsibly and don’t drive after consuming alcohol.  The normal wait time is 45 minutes per drink before you grab your car keys.  However, there are rules.  Take a look at this article from You could save someone’s life.


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