Awkward Situation. Men, Beware.

Client Question:

“I have my menstrual cycle, is that going to effect my massage?”


A few things can happen on the table while a woman has her cycle:

  • Blood flow will increase slightly, especially if the lower back is worked on. 
  • Massage Therapy on the lower back can jump start your cycle, accidentally.    Personal Note: I always recommend women carry hygiene products, just in case this happens. 
  • Cycle cramps can be lessened slightly.  Regular touch can distract the body from the pain.
  • Uneasiness, depression, and mood swings caused by PMS can be calmed during and after a Massage.
  • Hip and Lower Back pain from cramps can also be eased.  Consider massage the next time you have your cycle to loosen your muscles.




“What will happen if my cycle starts while I’m on the table, but I’m not wearing any hygiene products at that time?”

Personal Note: We will deal with it as best as we can.  This has happened before to myself and to another therapist. 

If we find your cycle has started on the table, don’t panic. Here is what would happen at my office:

  1. At this point, don’t worry about the sheets.  We’ll get you a wet towel to clean up with as best as possible.
  2. Let the therapist hand you your clothes and put them on a clean area on the table.  A carpet is harder to clean than the table, so stay on the table while you clean up, then get dressed.
  3. If you need a hygiene product, let your therapist know.  We usually have something handy until you can get to one of your regular products.  Personal Note: Some Therapists don’t think about this and can only provide you with paper towel.  
  4. Head to the restroom and do your normal routine.



“But what about the table and sheets?”

A therapist will usually bleach down the table and sheets.  Sometimes the sheets or the heating pad can’t be saved and need to be tossed.

Personal Note: No therapist should ever blame you for your cycle starting.  It’s not controllable.  If you offer to help pay for new sheets, some therapists will take the aid as supplies can get a bit expensive. 



Thumbs up

As embarrassing as the situation is, it happens so infrequently that most clients never encounter this problem.  Wear a liner to your appointment if your cycle is close.


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