Mother’s Strawberry Surprise

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day of celebration for mothers (including step mothers), wives, and grandmothers.  Brunch, flowers, and sleeping in for Mom are the more traditional gifts on Mother’s Day.  However, there is a traditional dessert that seems so popular, there are thousands of recipes for it:  Strawberry Shortcake.

Mother's Day Shortcake

One of the most delicious looking recipes for this dessert is a Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake:

“What makes this recipe healthy vs unhealthy?”

  1. Depending on which sugar you use (which according to is White Gradulated Sugar or Caster Sugar for baking), this treat can still be sweet without having the bleached sugar.
  2. Kosher salt is a coarser grained salt, which gives it less sodium per pinch than table salt. 
  3. Butter, in small amounts, is actually healthy (according to, but having 1/2 a stick in the cake?  That’s up to you!
  4. Regular Cream Cheese has a lot of calories and fatFoodnetwork’s blog has a list of cream cheese that might be better for this recipe.
  5. Sour cream has actually been found to be relatively healthy.  It’s been said to be high in fat, but Menshealth has mentioned that the fat content is low compared to the actual serving size. 
  6. Graham crackers are high in sugar and calories.  They used to be a healthy fiber snack, but the recipe has changed drastically over the years. 
  7. Finally, the pound cake it calls for can also be healthier, with the right recipe.  Try this one from cookinglight:


“Is there a Healthy Strawberry Shortcake recipe?”

Personal note: Certainly.  There are plenty of recipes online that call for healthier ingredients.  My personal favorite is:

This Shortcake recipe cuts out the cheesecake portion of the recipe listed above, allowing calories, fat, and sugar to be narrowed down.  This recipe also includes:

  1. Whole Wheat Flour (which, according to healthyeating is healthier than White Flour).
  2. Fine Grain Sea Salt has more sodium per pinch than Kosher, but the volume isn’t as much as Table Salt.
  3. Coconut milk has more Calories and Fat than Dairy Milk, but the fat is plant based.  According to healthyeating, this might be an excellent recipe for vegans.
  4. Honey appears 3 times in this recipe.  Healthyline lists the benefits of honey vs sugar.

No matter what, Mom is sure to love either of these desserts (as long as she likes strawberries and cake).

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!





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