In a Galaxy…not so far away

May the Fourth Be With You.

Celebrated worldwide, Star Wars has been one of the most popular franchises in Pop culture since 1977.



“What does this have to do with health?”

The characters in Star Wars do a wide variety of exercises, throughout all the films:

  • Running
  • Sharp Shooting
  • Racing tough-to-handle vehicles
  • Lightsaber dueling
  • Acrobatics
  • Tauntaun riding
  • Tree climbing

Not to mention the mental exercises the Jedi must do to harness the Force is astounding.




While watching these amazing feats, a question presented itself.  What do astronauts, people who really live in space for long periods of time, do for exercise?


Astronaut Exercise

According to NASA, muscle loss and bone density loss are big dangers in space.  Without gravity, the body doesn’t have to tense to keep the body upright.  So the astronauts have specialized equipment to help work the body.  Their workouts last up to two hours, daily with:

  • Stationary Biking
  • Resistance Band Strength Training
  • Sit Ups
  • Trendmill running




Star Wars characters never had any muscle loss or bones issues in space, unless it was caused by an injury.  All the ships must have had gravity inducers as a standard feature.


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