Easter Lamb and Stew

Easter: A time of bunnies, eggs, chocolate, and religious tradition.  Among all the Egg Hunts and gift giving lays the Easter Dinner.  Many recipes call for Ham and Chicken.  However, there is one meat that seems to be one of the Healthiest choices: Lamb. 

Lamb has been popular for centuries, usually being served whole in the Middle East.  In America though, not everyone likes lamb.  Whether it’s the knowledge of the source of the meat or the taste, everyone knows someone who doesn’t like this dinner.

Regardless if you, personally, like lamb, it’s good to know why it’s considered healthy.


Lamb dish

“Is Lamb Healthy to Eat?”

According to Livestrong.com, their article on Lamb shows some benefits:

  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12: Needed for Red Blood Cell Production and help with Nerve Function
  • Vitamin B2 and B3: Allows the body to grab energy from food intake
  • Zinc: Helps the body heal wounds
  • Iron: Needed for Red Blood Cell Production (Personal Note: Iron Deficiency can cause High Fatigue and can really mess with functions of the body that deal with blood.  This includes womens’ menstrual cycles.)
  • Copper: Needed for Red Blood Cell Production and helps metabolise Iron


lamb dish 2

“What is Unhealthy about Lamb?”

Like every meat, Lamb does have some cons:

  • High in Saturated Fat: Increase in Cholesterol Levels and Increased Risk for Heart Disease
  • High in Calories: Frequent intake can lead to weight gain
  • Source of Uric Acid: Leads to Gout and Kidney stones, unless the body has the means to rid itself properly of the source. 

Saturated Fat can be cut down if the lamb is trimmed, but nothing, in the kitchen, can be done about the Calories or the Uric Acid.


frog chef2

“Is there a Healthy Recipe involving Lamb?”

There are many recipes, but I’ve found a popular one based on a Middle Eastern Stew: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/249607/middle-eastern-lamb-stew/

Like all recipes, you can add your own seasonings to flavor the dish how you want.  Some people prefer to brown the meat first before putting it in the stew.  This is a slow cook recipe, so allow enough time for the meal to finish.

Happy Easter!

easter eggs


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