Dizziness after Massage?

Client Question:

“I feel a little dizzy after my massage.  Is that normal?”

Dizziness usually doesn’t happen, but it can due to some odd variables before, during, or after the massage.



  • Sleeplessness: Having Insomnia, or a restless sleep can cause dizziness by itself.  Being overtired will cause this too.



  • Stress/ Anxiety: If you start to hyperventilate from an anxiety attack, that will cause a dizzy spell.  This usually doens’t happen during a massage, as the session is supposed to help ease stress and anxiety.  Prolonged stress also takes its toll on the body and some of the effects on the nervous/ circulatory system can cause a dizzy spell.



  • Dehydration: Drink some water before and after a massage.  While the theory that water “helps flush toxins out of the body after a massage” is still debateable, drinking water after a massage is still a good idea.  You could be dehydrated and never even know it.  Lack of water in the body will definately cause dizziness.

Personal Note: The ‘squeezing toxins out of the body’ theory is closer to myth nowadays.  I’m not sure why LMT students are still taught this…



  • Side effect to medication: Most Massage Therapists will ask if there are any side effects to any medications you’re currently taking.  LMTs like a list of medications, vitamins, and minerals their clients are taking, so if something feels off during or after the massage, there’s a warning.

Personal Note: I had client who didn’t know that their medication would cause dizziness if they slept on their stomach.  They fell asleep during the session, and when I asked them to turn over, the dizziness came.  When they returned for the next session, they mentioned their doctor had found it was the client’s High Blood Pressure medication that was the cause. Not the massage itself. 



  • Illness: Sinus infections, fever, and ear infections will all cause dizziness.  Even if you haven’t been sick in over a month, you could still be carrying a bug.


  • Underlying illness: Dizziness can be attributed to an illness that you don’t even know about.  This is why when a client gets dizzy, while still on the table, the therapist is supposed to have the client go to their primary doctor.

Personal Note: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or Vertigo could all be considered underlying conditions.



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