Yoga tools: Yoga Blocks

Personal Note: From my last Yoga article, I was asked to explain what a Yoga block is and how to use them.

“What is a Yoga Block?”


A professional Yoga Block is a block usually made of cork, foam, wood, or bamboo (depending on the company). They’re used for improving flexability, balance support, and they act as an aid for difficult poses.  There are several dimensions but the most common are:

5inches W   x   3inches H   x   9inches L




How do I use Yoga Blocks?

Typical Yoga blocks are used as a back support, as a seat for sitting positions, or as a handhold for poses that require balance.  WatchMojo did a video demonstrating a few of the way a block is used. Check it out:


“Can I use anything other than Yoga blocks?”

Yes!  Here are some ideas:

  1. Make your own blocks out of wood.  Just remember to sand down the wood for a smooth finish.
  2. Towels, Blankets, and Pillows are excellent substitutes.  Just fold and stack as many as you need for the position you’re trying to acheive.
  3. Hardcovers books and sturdy boxes also make for good supports.  Just be aware that stacked books and boxes may move with different poses.
  4. Chairs are a common tool for Yoga practioners. For a more rounded workout, it’s recommended to get a chair with a sturdy backing to it.
  5. Bolsters are another tool commonly used, and many people make their own.

Check out how to make yours from Lots of Yoga


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