Pains and Aches with Aging

Everyone knows humans age and most have seen someone whose body has aches and pains that they didn’t have before.  Why is this?


Aging’s effects

Wisdom comes with age, but so do pains.

Typically, pains are caused by:

  1. Bone and Joint Weakness- Nutrients and minerals that are kept in bones become fewer, making them lose mass. In turn, this causes them to weaken.  Water retention in joints and bone marrow also becomes less.
  2. Muscle Inflexability– Our muscles, tendons, and ligaments become weakened and not as flexible as time goes on.  Muscle fibers also become less numerous and retain less water.  This leads to less range of motion, and difficulty in doing certain activites.
    Note: The Heart is another muscle that weakens with age.
  3. Old Injuries- Previous injuries have a tendency of coming back.  Events that happened back in our 30s may have an effect on us in our 50s.
    Personal Note: A client that is seen in our office on occasion has an untreated back injury from their early 20s.  Now they’re middle aged, and their back has a high sensitivity to pressure.  During sessions, I have to adjust the pressure to very light, if I can work on it at all that day.

Note: Some of these pains disappear within a couple of days.  No matter how old your body is, it still wants to fix itself. So, it will continue to heal with whatever the body has left in nutrients and water.

For more information, please read this article by Orthoinfo.  It gives more detail and tips on “counteracting the effects of aging.”


“Can Massage help older people?”

Of course!  Many LMTs see those in retirement age and older.

Massage Therapy helps with:

  • Blood/ nutrient flow
  • Stress/ Anxiety reduction
  • Pain reduction
  • Stretching
  • Muscle flexability
  • Temporary Arthritic pain relief

Note: If you have problems with old injuries/surguries or have heart, lung, bone, or blood issues, please tell your Chiropractor or LMT before your session.  Usually these are covered in an intake form, but more detail may be needed.

Personal Note: Some Massage Therapists (like myself) are certified to help Geriatric clients. 


“I don’t believe in age.  I believe in energy..  Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do.” – Tao Porchon-Lynch


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