Massage and Chiropractic?




Chiropractors are doctors who have the training to realign the skeletal structure of the body, especially the spine.  This, in turn, helps the nervous system, muscles, and organs of the body to come back to a normal state of rest.

An Adjustment also allows:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved Posture
  • Improved bodily flexability and mobility
  • Pain Relief
  • Less visits to the hospital
  • Less need of medications

Personal Note: Webster Chiropractic Care (the office I work with) sees several clients daily, sometimes for back/ hip problems.  While they make an adjustment, they usually try to figure out the source of the problem.  Sometimes, it’s not the spine that’s the true issue.


“Isn’t an adjustment just a cracking session?”

No.  Usually if your body makes a ‘cracking’ sound, that means there’s an airpocket that’s causing some form of pressure that’s being released, or something that was misaligned that is now being realigned.

A quick example: Many people crack their knuckles.  Why?  Because there’s an airpocket causing pressure on the joints in the hands.  That cracking sound is the airpocket being released.



“Where does Massage come into play with Chiropractic?”

If there’s a client with a back problem and the Chiropractor cannot get their spine back into alignment because of tense muscles, they can send them to a Massage Therapist.  Some Chiropractic offices have their own LMT on site or on call.  The Massage Therapist’s work for that session should be to focus on the part of the spine that will not release tension.

Personal Note: There was a client that came into our office that had a hard time getting their neck adjusted because of muscular tension and trigger points.  This client was sent to my office within that week to minimize the trigger points and relax the neck muscles.  They went right over to the chiropractor after the massage and the adjustment went smoothly.


“Do I see the Chiropractor or Massage Therapist first?”

Every BODY is different.

  • Is there more spinal tension than muscular tension? Or vise versa?
  • Do you have Trigger Points hindering movement?
  • Do you tense up at a Chiropractic session?
  • Do you stretch regularly?

It’s all about the individual.  Typically, clients see the Chiropractor first to check their spinal structure.  The Doctor, in turn, can tell if the client needs to see a Massage Therapist.




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