Fibromyalgia is a pain…

There are many people who suffer from long term, widespread, muscloskeletal pain.  Unfortunately, the pain becomes hard to diagnose and more often than not, in the broad scope, the disease becomes known as ‘Fibromyalgia.’


“What is Fibromyalgia?”

It really is hard to describe and is still misunderstood.  Commonly, it’s a mix of symptoms:

  1. Widespread Muscle & Joint Pain
  2. Chronic and Crippling Fatigue
  3. Anxiety/ Depression
  4. A positive test of specific Tender Points in the body

These are the most common symptoms that are noted when Doctors diagnose Fibromyalgia.  However, there are many other symptoms that could be included with this disease.

Note: Please do not self diagnose.  If you feel like you have most or all these symptoms and you have terrible pain that flares, please see your doctor.


“Can Massage help those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?”

Yes!  Massage is great for those who have Fibromyalgia.  There are a couple of things that your therapist might need to know and watch out for:


  • When was your last flare up?

Fibromyalgia has a terrible habit of becoming aggravated  due to many different lifestyle habits and a person can experience a ‘Flare Up.’  It’s incredibly painful and exhausting.  Your LMT might need to be warned of a recent flare up, because they could cause another one!


  • How many of your Tender Points are activate?

This might seem like an odd question, but there are 18 Tender Points that are tell tale signs of Fibromyalgia.

An LMT needs to be careful not to aggravate these points and may use lighter pressure over them.


If you’re diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but you’re not sure if massage would help, ask your Doctor.

Personal note: Many of my clients with Fibromyalgia love massage and say it can really help with the stress.


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