Trigger Points?

Have you felt a pain in your shoulder that seems to spread to your arms? Or had a terrible headache that was associated with neck pain? It could be a knot-like bump in your muscles called a Trigger Point.

Trigger points are ‘knots’ that form in a muscle (or muscles) that usually transfer pain to other areas of the body, especially when stimulated (massaging, pressing, temperature treatments).

For example:

A common knot that’s seen in computer workers is near the base of the shoulder blade in the rhomboids and lower trapezius muscles.


This particular Trigger Point usually causes numbness in the hands and pain in the ribs. But the Trigger Point itself is in the shoulder!

“What causes Trigger Points?”

There are any number of activities (or lack thereof) that form Trigger Points:

  1. Static Deskwork
  2. Injuries
  3. Repetitive Motions
  4. Posture
  5. Stress

computer stress


“Could my pain be caused by something else?”

Absolutely! If you have an odd pain and your really not sure if it’s just muscular, or if the pain is very intense, see your doctor first.


“How do I get rid of Trigger Points?”

Primarily, static compression, stretching, and readjusted posture will help. But if there’s a Trigger Point that just won’t go way, see a Licensed Massage Therapist. Some LMTs actually specialize in Trigger Point Therapy and can give you some pointers on how to help keep the pain down.



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