Prevent Injuries While Shovelling

Snow is not a happy sight for everyone and most of us have to shovel, especially with this crazy weather that’s been hitting almost every state.  So, how do we combat shovelling without hurting ourselves?  Try these tips:

  1. Stretch out your shoulders, back and legs first.
  2. Push the snow.  Do Not Lift! If you have to lift, use your legs, not your back.
  3. Keep one hand near the handle of the shovel for leverage. Meanwhile, keep the other hand close to the shovel head, especially if you’re lifting.
  4. Do not twist your body to throw the snow.  That will throw out your back, especially with the added weight.

The Weather Channel has a few other tips:

Note: The video starts around 0:36 seconds.

If you do get injured, but you’re not in a lot of pain, call your local Chiropractor or Massage Therapist.  If you are in a lot of pain and it lingers, call your physician.



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