About Me

There are so many questions about Massage, Yoga, and Health in general.  My hope is to answer some of those questions and give insight to those who need information.  Topics range from fishing, gardening, healthy recipes, yoga, and massage sessions.  If you’d like me to write about a specific topic, contact me on my facebook page and private message me with a request.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health.” -Virgil


I started my massage training at 3 years old. My parents taught me how to walk on their backs, being careful of the spine. Not much damage could be done with so little weight, but it made me aware that the human body was something that needed to be handled with care.

I’m a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist who completed my AAS Degree in 2010. Right after Graduating from Monroe Community College, I was hired by a Chiropractic Office and I find I can help heal more people in this field. Now, I base my Therapeutic Massage techniques around physical healing with firm, but gentle hands.

I am certified in:

I am also certified to treat:


Webster Chiropractic Care

1205 Ridge Rd Webster, NY 14580



Cassandra H DeGelleke LMT 

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